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Hello World

I'm a results-driven software architect with a proven track record in leading large-scale projects, designing innovative solutions, and driving significant revenue growth. 

I'm deeply committed to building strong customer relationships and understanding market needs. This focus allows me to forge strategic partnerships with industry leaders, expand into global markets, and ensure our products remain at the forefront of innovation.

I believe in cultivating collaborative and dynamic international teams. My leadership style fosters an environment where creativity and productivity flourish, leading to the development of groundbreaking software solutions.

Throughout my career, I've embraced adaptability as essential for success in the ever-evolving technology industry.

I confidently lead teams and shape products that not only meet current demands but anticipate future trends.

Whether spearheading complex system designs, coordinating onshore and offshore teams, or aligning products with the unique needs of international clients, I approach my work with both strategic vision and a dedication to flawless execution.

This is Daniel

Daniel Chernenkov

Delivering Innovation to Global Markets

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Connecting the DOTS. with Data

The process of gathering and combining data from multiple sources into a single, unified view could be sometimes very hard, but once made right you have an access to unlimited world of intelligence and science.

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